We’re a non profit making Supporters Trust, run by fans, for fans, with membership open to all Oxford United supporters everywhere!

We are wholly independent of Oxford United Football Club, but always seek positive dialogue with the Club’s owners, executive officers and staff.

We operate on a democratic, one member, one vote principle with annual elections and regular Committee meetings.

We are committed to the success of our Football Club and having proactive and mutually beneficial communication with all stakeholders, including the local community, local councils, relevant media, the Club and other supporters groups.

We have Mutual Society status and are also affiliated to Supporters Direct (now the Football Supporters Association) and gain scale benefits, information and advice on matters concerning football supporters.

Our Aims

We’re here for the fans of Oxford United Football Club!

We’ll remain independent, with a ‘fans first’ focus to all our work and will do all we can for the supporters of our Football Club, by listening to, and acting on, fans’ needs and any concerns.

We’ll encourage the Board of Oxford United Football Club to take into account the interests of all supporters and the wider community (businesses, residents, local authorities etc.) when making decisions that impact on them.

We’ll actively and professionally engage with all relevant stakeholders on matters of interest and concern to Oxford United supporters.

We’ll act as an effective means of communication between the Club and its supporters.

We’ll position ourselves as a Critical Friend to the Club, monitoring such things as the Club’s financial stability & future prospects, as well as communicating and advising on areas such as fan engagement, ‘customer service’, and the overall OUFC experience.

We’ll work with Supporters Direct/FSA and other Supporters Trusts on pan-club issues like ticket prices, replica kit costs and any football related legislation and governmental issues that impact on all football supporters.

We’ll work in collaboration with other OUFC fan groups, without detracting from their own independence.

We’ll always be open, honest and accessible to our members and other stakeholders.

We’ll seek to encourage increased supporter representation in the decision making at Oxford United and/or to potentially encourage fan participation in ownership of the club.

Our Constitution

Our constitution (the rules governing the Trust) may be downloaded here.

The following section is in the process of being updated (as of January 2019)

Our Short Term Objectives (next 6-12 months)

1. Provide clarity to our membership, stakeholders and the club on what the Trusts aims and ‘reasons for being’ are.

  • Fully consult with the Trusts membership in shaping and defining the future direction of the Trust and it’s aims & objectives

2. Significantly grow membership numbers – thereby giving the Trust and fans a stronger, more representative and even more greater voice

  • Develop and communicate the benefits of becoming a Trust member.
  • Make it very easy to join
  • Connect with fans who are already engaged with the Trust through Social Media/Twitter etc. Use these mediums to encourage them to join. For example, we have over 1,000 followers on Twitter!
  • Consider the membership fee structure and investigate a tiered membership model that potentially could include full fee paying members with voting rights and non fee paying associate members without voting rights
  • Develop ‘corporate’ partnerships for the Trust, whilst agreeing benefits/services/discounts that can be offered to members by sponsors.

3. Create a robust, value added and interactive communication platform for members and other stakeholders, that includes, Social Media, Twitter, Web Site, Text and Email alerts and informal ‘gatherings’. Gatherings could include ‘special guests’ such as Players/Board Directors/Sporting and Media Personalities etc.

4. Conduct regular, formal and recorded meetings with the Board and Senior Officers of OUFC and communicate ‘results’ to members, whilst at the same time respecting the confidential nature of certain (requested) club and/or stakeholder comments/information

  • Identify (with the club) specific areas that the Trust can actively support and assist with, including – community projects, sponsorships, fan engagement, stadium ownership, etc.
  • Support our club, but never be afraid to ask the difficult questions should the need arise. Build a strong enough relationship with the club to enable these discussions to be heard & be constructive. Take the position of a Critical Friend

5. Develop a strong and enthusiastic Trust committee made up of complimentary skills that can administer and drive a supporter focused agenda

  • Develop a committee where each member has a specific role to play
  • Deliver a totally transparent and open style within the committee, with our membership and with the wider fan base & other stakeholders
  • Conduct ourselves professionally and in accordance with the Trusts aims and responsibilities, particularly with regard to membership communication, media contact and any financial matters

6. Develop regular communication with other OUFC fans groups and agree synergies, understand each others key areas of focus, collaborate where appropriate and ensure there isn’t any conflicting or duplicated effort